I Want What I Want

Kids can be ruthless sometimes.

Back in my high school days I used to babysit this 5 year old boy. He wasn’t so bad to watch but sometimes he would have the worst tantrums (like kicking-me-in-the-face tantrums). I remember he used to love to play this spy video game and he would get so mad if I didn’t do things his way.

I was usually fine with this, but one day, I was so internally agitated, I flipped the switch and entered into a whole new level of competitive gusto. I beat that kid at his own game. I beat that kid so badly at his spy game that he turned full on gorilla mode. Honestly, I was satisfied because I felt like I taught him a valuable lesson. Not everyone get’s a trophy, kid!


You’re like, “ok, I’m never having Gina watch my kids again.” 😂😬 The point to my story is, he just wanted his own way, right? Now, let’s not throw all kids under the bus here because ADULTS are the same way. We want what we want too! 

But when we want what we want, we miss the point. 

We get so overwhelmed and frustrated at our workplace. We want a better job, with better people, only to lose sight of how we have a paying job. 

We get wrapped up and annoyed with our husband, children, parents, or grandparents only to miss that we are blessed with the family we have.

We complain about having no money. I won’t ever be able to upgrade to a better location. I won’t be able to afford that car, ever. I had to cancel my HBO subscription this month. And, I want those dang boots but I can’t afford them! But what about what you do have?

We say “yes” to the call and get caught up in the busyness of ministry, only to miss God’s heartbeat for his people.

Think about your life, your week, your day to day. How many times do we allow our frenzies to fudge our true purpose… to worship Jesus? Our frenzies can consume us to the point that our purpose is concealed and ultimately we are misled.

 You know who else was seriously misled in the Bible: the religious leaders in Jesus’ time. They COMPLETELY missed the point. COMPLETELY missed Jesus- during passover! Their Messiah and fulfillment was right in front of them but instead of worshipping their answer, they wrecked their answer:

1. They lied to Pilate when Jesus was on trial because they didn’t want to get their hands dirty by killing Jesus themselves (John 18: 31// Leviticus 24:16). They pushed and did whatever they could to get their own way. They missed the point.

2. They threatened Pilate positionally by holding the power of Caesar over his head (John 19:12). They pushed and did whatever they could to get their own way. They missed the point.

3. Then when Jesus was finally dead, what they wanted all along, they complained to Pilate saying he put the wrong sign on top of Jesus’ cross! Like, seriously people? Who are you? (John 19: 19-22). They pushed and did whatever they could to get their own way. They missed the point. 

It was never enough. And they missed their moment to worship because they were too busy wrecking.

I wonder how many times we are missing the point? We get what we want, when we want it, only to not be satisfied because it’s never enough. It’s never enough because it is genuinely not what we need. We will have our down moments in life. We all do. But we lose our worship and joy when Jesus isn’t the center of what we do and who we are.

No points, no steps in this post. Just a simple thought and a moment for you to think. What I love about Jesus is that there is always hope; and right now, it’s never too late to get the point.

2 thoughts on “I Want What I Want

  1. Thank you! I so love how blunt and funny you are I love living on hope. We must always have hope in Jesus!

    Keep being you! You brighten and make us all think!

    Liked by 1 person

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