Have you ever played a game of telephone? More often than not, communication always gets lost in translation, from A to B. Even if you start off with, “Sam went to Taco Bell last night with Bob and ordered a taco,” somehow you will get, “Sam went and fell yesterday and Bob felt bad and ordered him a taco.” 🌮 🌮

BUT, if you put A and B next to each other and cut out all the people in between, it’s pretty easy to whisper back and forth, clearly to each other. Proximity, is important to hearing because you eliminate distractions. 

It’s really like your relationship with God. Throughout your life, the enemy will try to get you to doubt, forget, and misinterpret God’s character. By accomplishing this, he keeps you from your real purpose and potential. You miss the point of this life and everything GREAT God has for you. 

Just like a game of telephone, sometimes we can get so busy and distracted listening to everyone else and everything else, including ourselves, instead of listening to God.

This is why… reading and knowing God’s word is so important. 

We ask ourselves: how should I live? Who am I? How should I act? What should I do? Will things ever be different? DEEEPP LIFEEE QUESTIONSSS. But really, the answer is right in front of us! It’s in the Bible. We just need to pick it up and use it. It is our lifeline! 

You are guaranteed to be stretched, to doubt your ability, to be asked to do something you have never done before, to be offended, to feel lost a bit, but these are the times when you need to remember who your God is and who He says you are. God is bigger than any trouble you will face and loves you so much. Eliminate the distractions and misinterpretations by slimming down the gap between A & B. AKA, you and God. 😉

1. Be consistent in reading your Bible. Working out once won’t get you in shape. Reading the first chapter of a book doesn’t mean you know the whole story. Choosing your March Madness bracket based off of team colors doesn’t make you an expert… at all. Consistency is key! So why do we think differently when it comes to reading our Bible. Stick with it and you will discover some crazy things.

2. Allow God’s word to shape you. It’s one thing to absorb information. It’s another to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Actually applying it and letting it change who you are. Be open what God wants to do in your life. Apply the principles you gain, little by little. One step of obedience a day will lead to a lifetime of God’s promises. Choose to the long haul. God will bring you clarity, strength, focus, and security.

When trouble hits, what does God’s word say? When trouble hits the first thing we do is go to a friend… or ball up in a corner in our room. Our first reaction isn’t always, “what does God say?” We look for answers in the wrong places. Search in your manual. Talk to God like you were talking to your friend. Put your trust in him. You’ll find out more about who God is and who you really are in those seasons.

Don’t obsess over what threatens you. Obsess over your God. 

Slim the gap by focusing on how awesome your God is and how he kicks butt on your behalf and loves it- because he loves you. Fear is our natural response to threat. That’s probably why our first reaction is to obsess over what is threatening us. We worry about what we can’t change. Don’t look at how huge your issue is, look at how HUGE your God is. The same God who hangs the stars in the sky, preforms miracles, and created you, cares about all the details that make up your life. 

He makes your paths straight.

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