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I Pick Things Up & Put Them Down

"BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!" Your alarm goes off every morning. Same time, all the time. Your feet hit the floor, you wash your face, you do your thing. Eat some breakfast (maybe you don't because you just run out with your coffee mug 😉) Mornings. Amirghttttt?! We all have them. These past few months I've been … Continue reading I Pick Things Up & Put Them Down

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Permission to be a Gold Digger

Recently while away on a trip I had the opportunity to meet some new people along the way. Matt was in another group as I took time and chatted with a woman on the other side of the room. By the time the night was over, we were recapping the day's events, in which Matt … Continue reading Permission to be a Gold Digger

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Fight Well

Ever watch an MMA match before? Honestly, I don't often but I have seen my fair share on TV. It's like a car wreck! I just can't look away. One good punch, in just the right spot, can leave a person completely disoriented. All of a sudden, someone, who was so amped and ready to … Continue reading Fight Well

Intentionally Leading Yourself

Leading and developing other people around you, I believe, is one of the highest mantles to take up. It doesn't matter if you are leading at the top or from the second chair, you have the power to influence people for the better. Great leadership isn't just about yourself, but those around you. HOWEVER, if … Continue reading Intentionally Leading Yourself

Red, Yellow, Black Or White

It took me a bit to write this post. Not because I faltered on where I stand but because I was so frustrated and angry about the Charlottesville acts. I couldn't put into words how I really felt and comments made out of knee jerk reactions aren't always helpful. The only one who honestly heard … Continue reading Red, Yellow, Black Or White

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Kids Man, Kids.

This past week was Kids Week at our Commack Campus and it was seriously a blast. As staff members, it's pretty much the one week out of the year we get the green light to run around, let loose, and act a third of our age. It's magical and tiring all at the same time … Continue reading Kids Man, Kids.

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What To Do When You Realize You Can’t Do It All.

We all have seasons where we find ourselves super busy. How can we dwell in God's presence and not lose focus on what really matters? Here's: What To Do When You Realize You Can't Do It All. 🙂

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People Worn

As time goes on, things usually take a beating. Ever buy a new item, that you wanted so badly, and then something happens to it? A scratch, a snag, a pull, a missing piece? UGH. Bummer. I’ve done this to three articles of clothing in the past month! When we use certain items over and … Continue reading People Worn

Hello, Sleeping Beauty

Why not mix it up with a practical post? Remember when you were younger and you would fight to stay up late? It was so BORING to take a nap! A form of torture designed up by parents. "I'm not sleeping. I'm just resting my eyes." Now, that I'm older, I would love to have … Continue reading Hello, Sleeping Beauty

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Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

My sister has down syndrome and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Laura may be younger than me but she has taught me numerous lessons. A few to count are compassion, unconditional love, simplicity, and seeing life through a different lens/perspective. One lesson that she has taught me, that I truly treasure, is not … Continue reading Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously