My name is Gina Bellomo and welcome to my page. I’m so honored that you stopped by!


After all, there are a lot of different things to check out on the internet… or Instagram… or Pinterest or… well, you get the point.

I am a 29 year old, Long Island, NY native. I once lived in Florida for three years but ventured back to New York because it is home to me. Thankfully I did!
I am married to an amazing man and my best friend, Matthew, and I know we are biased, but we have the best cat-dog ever, Dr. Watson.
We both work on staff at Church Unleashed and love what we do because truly, it’s not a job. It’s our passion to serve God and serve others. It’s an adventure and so fulfilling to see people discover and unleash their full redemptive potential. I’ve been with CU since 2010 and currently serve as Executive Pastor.

Few Randoms

I love leadership and I enjoy writing. I love connecting with people who do the same!
I’m a foodie for sure. Whenever Matt and I have a chance to discover new eateries or hit up a coffee shop we do!
Now that we are homeowners, we are constantly doing something in our house. Lowe’s and Home Depot are our best friends.
I am a reader! Ever since I could read, I’ve been on it! I try to keep my book collection diverse. Random fact: I think ebooks are awesome and convenient but I’m a total hard-copy girl. Anyone else love the smell of a new book? 
Besides all that, I enjoy taking photos and have a new interest in graphic design. When I’m not working, hanging with family/friends or running from one thing to the next… you can find me looking gross on an elliptical on Monday, scrolling through Pinterest before bed, or Netflixing with the hubs.

In a nutshell

I don’t know everything and I am by no means an expert, but I am forever learning. So my hope, through this blog, is that you would forever learn with me and maybe we’ll have a few laughs along the way.

Love, Gina