Living out my call during COVID.

King David is ending his reign and setting up his son, Solomon, to take over. Solomon is commissioned with a task that will go down in history; building the temple for God.

“The task is great because the building will not be built for a human but for the Lord God.” 2 Chronicles 29:1


And the wheels start turning…. we are all building something right now. You are building your family. You build at your job. We build relationships, etc. We are all putting our effort and work towards something or someone but the greatest work we can do lasts into eternity. 

YOUR task is great! Our task is great! Your calling, what God asks of you is not always the easiest. Here’s something to rest in- it’s not supposed to be. So when things are tough or divine interruptions happen (that we don’t always see as divine)- know that it is:

  1. All a part of the plan
  2. You were made to do difficult things
  3. It is worth it if you stick it out till the end

The task is GREAT, heavy, trying, and rewarding because it is SOMETHING THAT MATTERS.

So many people gave to the building of the temple of God- it cost them something. Even David gave out of his personal accounts for the effort (I believe because he trusted that God would take care of him and his family). Scripture says, they had “…given to the Lord wholeheartedly.”

So you may be asking yourself- how do I live out my calling during this quarantine time? I know I’m mean’t to do “XY&Z” but I don’t see how I’m supposed to do it under these type of restrictions.

Quarantine or no quarantine. Stay at home orders or no stay at home orders. During COVID and not during COVID. This never changes- give to God wholeheartedly. That means:

  1. Serve. However you can. If there is an opportunity to serve safely through your local church, and you are able to, do it. Get outside of yourself and help others. God loves when we serve with our whole hearts. Out shopping- pick up something for a friend. Know it’s someone’s birthday- send them something. Pick up the phone and give someone your time, ear, and prayers. Make a meal/send one to a neighbor. Impact someone through a hobby, your talents, etc. The options are endless when it comes to serving.
  2. Give. Be faithful in your giving to the local church. It matters! When a huge group of people, pull together with their finances, we can go a lot farther, a lot faster and help MORE people as a team. People GAVE to the house of God in the Bible, we should do the same. So sure, order your milk frother hand mixer for your WFH days (guilty đŸ˜‰) but remember to give back to God what already is his.

The truth is, we honor God when we do these things. No matter what you feel God has called you to- serving and giving are always a part of that call. It will look unique for everyone but they just don’t go away under different circumstances.

Is it always easy? No. Is it worth it in the end? 100% facts. The task is great but that is because we’re not building things on this earth, we are building, working, serving and giving for and to our GOD.

Just some quick thoughts! The task is great: How can you get creative in your building?

Love, Gina



One thought on “Living out my call during COVID.

  1. Nicely written Gina. Meaningful insights which are definitely worth considering. Will write a detailed response to your question on how to get creative another time, if possible. Meanwhile, would love to remain in touch and exchange thoughts. Blessings.

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