Generous Obedience

Since I had different friends growing up, my mom always warned me when I went to their houses, “if something or someone ever makes you feel uncomfortable, you call me right away, and I will pick you up.”

One time, I went to a friend’s birthday party and her mom rented us movies (from BLOCKBUSTER!) to watch. The party goers suggested to put on “There’s Something About Mary.” Did I mention I was, like, in 4th grade? I remember thinking…. “ohhhhh no, my mom will most definitely be mad about this if she finds out I watched a rated R movie!”

I could have called her. I could have went to the bathroom for an hour. But, what did I do? I did nothing. I sat there, on that 90’s fashioned sofa, squished between giggly girls and my best friend. I saw things I still can’t unsee (that old lady pool scene-my eyes 👀)!


Surprise, surprise, cat got out of the bag and my mother found out through my BFFs mom. And she did what any passionate Italian mother would do. Yell. I got yelled at, passionately. And to cover my tracks, I lied! I actually told my mom I stayed in the kitchen (to eat all the dessert I assume- believable) And because I lied, my mom then thought my friend was lying because she believed me over her.

It was a mess. I eventually fessed up. I cried in my pillow like I committed murder. I was punished. I deserved every bit of it and it was for my best. My friend didn’t play tag with me during recess for a whole week. Devastating at the time.


Disobedience. Always pulling up in the cool car. Door swings open and with a Danny Zuko head nod, “hey, why don’t you hop on in?” * Forever faced with the choice to roll with it or not.

The more I live, the more people I meet, the more I see God genuinely blesses people who honor Him. I wouldn’t say their lives are easy because obedience can come out of facing our greatest struggles and disappointments. It’s easy to be obedient when it is easy. It’s hard to be obedient when it is hard. Really think about it.

Jesus is the perfect model of obedience. He was both God and man and even though he had all the power in the world, he humbled himself, and was obedient to the plan of the cross because He saw the big picture and reward.

Trust is linked to obedience. Obedience is linked to trust. Obedience is a daily practice. I do know this, those who are generously obedient, their integrity and love for God, opens the door of blessings. Trust God with your whole heart today.

*That was a Grease reference, you young ones.

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