Show Up

You just gotta show up. Recently I shared a story with someone about something I received from another person (I promise the Dr. Seuss trail ends there). A total gift! Their response to my story was, “it just seems like God is blessing you because you are a pastor.”


I kind of didn’t expect that response. My thoughts were: yes and no. Previously in church, we talked about when we live under God’s umbrella, blessings and favor follow. So yes, I believe as Matt and I continue to guard ourselves and live under that covering, we have faith that blessing and favor will follow. The thing is though- I’m not a favorite to God anymore than you are! Trust me, I put deodorant on and brush my teeth everyday just like everyone else. He’s got good gifts to give to you too! This is key and numbaaa one. Blessings flow out of obedience. Obedience builds trust. God is close to those who trust him.

The other part of that, the “no” part, is just showing up. By showing up, I mean positioning myself in the place for God to bless me. Now, this part is entirely up to me. I think we can keep ourselves from blessings, opportunities and divine appointments because we just don’t show up. We don’t show up with our best work. We don’t show up with our best attitude. We don’t show up with our best outlook. Or literally, we just don’t show up. To church, to work, to our family’s house, to that gathering, to that social event, to that extra-help class.

Every day is showtime. SO, as you live under God’s umbrella, here are some tips for showing up!

Reset every morning. Remember the “easy” button from Staples? “That was easy!” I wish every morning was like the “easy” button, but some days are more difficult than others.  A positive outlook is a choice. “God is for you and not against you” is a chosen perspective. That’s why it is important to continually renew your mind. Eventually habit morphs into lifestyle. It will become second nature to you! Set yourself up for success. When you put on the right glasses in the morning, you will be able to see more clearly and notice God’s favor and blessing when it happens!

Pushing past “I don’t feel like it.” There are a lot of things I don’t feel like doing. I rarely feel like taking out the garbage, waking up right when my alarm goes off, and conversing with people after a difficult day.  But, something important transpires when you are faithful with what you are given and put others before yourself.

When I take out the garbage, I’m able to encourage my neighbor who is going through a divorce.

When I get up on time, I prepare myself for the day, so I am a better asset to the people around me and the mission I’m called to.

When I push myself to be around others, I’m able to help more people and sometimes they help me!

What is waiting on the other side of your, “I don’t feel like it” moment?

Persistence. “Dont grow tired in doing good.” “Ask and it will be given to you.” “Patient anigif_original-grid-image-10652-1411485279-5persistence pierces through indifference.” I think there’s something to this persistence thing after all.

What does showing up mean to you? Being present at your work place or mentally committed to getting a project done. Being there at the dinner table with your family. Meeting your friend at the gym when you told him you’d be there. Being there for your sister during the loss of a loved one. Showing up can mean many things. But when we show up, we grow up!

Now, there’s a difference between “pushing past” and “persistence.” Pushing past could be a one time thing, but persistence occurs over time. Persistence leads to consistency. There’s something to be said for those who remain faithful in the face of adversity. God honors faithfulness. God honors persistence.

How do I grow from “pushing past” to “persistence?” Now that’s a question for a future blog post. But for now, commit to showing up at your next opportunity. I know you’ll be glad you did!


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2 thoughts on “Show Up

  1. L❤️VE the part on perseverance.

    A few years ago I started looking at the roadblocks in my life as opportunities to switch up my navigation.

    It’s been hard, incredibly stressful and requires work (which… ugh…).

    It’s changed my perspective on how to deal with things that come my way that aren’t pleasant or need refining.

    In the end, it usually winds up that the roadblocks I had been struggling with were very similar to others.

    There is tremendous comradery and friendship in knowing someone else has persevered through something just as you have.



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