What I Learned From Ed Young

For those of you in ministry, ever have one of those really cool ministry moments? One for me was definitely last week, being able to meet and listen to Ed Young give some great leadership advice.

Although some of the main points I took from the sessions relate to ministry, I’m thinking of shooting a quick video to send to you guys on how you can apply some of these principles to your life. If you’re interested, subscribe down below!

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. Here are some actions that you can take!

  1. When it comes to learning and communicating, just don’t talk about yourself. You can learn from everyone and anyone. Be a student and ask the right questions.
  2. When it comes to reaching people with the truth of Jesus, are you too busy feeding people who are already full or are you going out to feed genuinely hungry people?
  3. When working at a church, there can be many distractions (we need this program or this study, etc.) Your best efforts should go into a Sunday. Why? Because that is where people first attend!
  4. Look ahead and always make small steps for growth. Pastor your church like it’s double or triple the size.
  5. Jesus “served” truth in a compelling and simple way in which people could receive and understand it. It’s not about being a shallow church. It’s about being a simple church.
  6. Don’t just speak with passion, but think through what you are going to say. A lot of passionate people say things that do not matter.
  7. Get to know people who don’t know Jesus.
  8. The enemy will always use whiners to distract you. Stay focused.
  9. Plan great ideas within a group and be comfortable with critique.
  10. Churches grow from the outside- in. Not the inside-out.
  11. What should I create and what should I cancel? What does this confirm?
  12. If you have eyes, plagiarize.
  13. Don’t keep people (staff or volunteers) who continually need the “coaches clap.”
  14. Great things come from laughter and conflict.
  15. Cramativity.” Just a really fun word to cram in a brilliant idea in a short period of time.  Make it happen, whatever it takes!
  16. You don’t need unlimited resources to be creative.


Until next time,


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