Back in Action

Here we are in February, sailing through a new month. I feel like I started January with such vigor, organization, and perspective. Yes, a new year with new goals and ambitions! Then a few weird weeks and a quick tango with the flu had me feeling pushed back and pushed down. I woke up and it’s already the middle of February. It’s like someone took my glasses off and asked me to read a book from 10 feet away. I felt confuzzled (my word for confused) and frustrated.

It’s because I let my environment shift my focus. It happens sometimes because life isn’t perfect. The important thing is that we get back on for the ride.

Here are some ways to get back on track and keep those goals you set for yourself alive.


God, duh. 

It’s easy to put pressure on ourselves. When we create goals and have a vision for our month/year, we can get tunnel vision, bent on accomplishing those things. That’s not bad! But, depletion can come when we begin to do things in our own strength. We also miss the good stuff God is doing in other people’s lives, because we are consumed with ourselves. Ever ask God what His goals and visions are for your life? Ever think of what celebrations you may be missing? Focus on what God is doing in and through you and others. When your eyes get shifted off of that, your successes, or lack thereof, will fall down hard on you. Put your trust, goals, and dreams in Jesus.

Realize what you can control and what you cannot control.

What should you let go of? Sometimes we pick up tasks, problems, and projects that we are not meant to take on. The decisions, choices, corrections, additions, and subtractions that you CAN make, make them. The ones that are out of your sphere of control? Let them go and let God handle them. Work hard with the things you have been trusted with, and let God fight the other battles for you.

Be resilient.

You are your biggest encourager! We just wrapped up another Super Bowl. Cheer for yourself like you were cheering for the Eagles (because, we were all rooting for them, right? 😬😏)!  There are going to be days when you feel like you accomplished a ton. 👍🏼 Then there will be days that you feel like you’re running in place. 👎🏼 How about be kind to yourself no matter what? The truth is, this is a pattern in life. Choose to grow through whatever kind of day you have and whatever experience you encounter. Keep going, accelerating, and keep your head up!

Encourage others.

After all, it’s not just about us. Going out of your way, not just to flatter, but, to encourage someone else on their journey is worth your while. Help someone else to succeed. Make another person’s dream happen. Pay it forward. Reinforce something that another person is good at. Reach out and pull the gold out of people!

Never stop learning.

Want to be the best at what you do? Want to be better at something you are inexperienced in? Never stop learning. You are a student for life! Preparation and practice will eventually lead to progress.

As the new-year high drifts off, don’t settle for the haze February can bring. Adjust your focus and keep moving forward.


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