Snow Globe Life


When I was younger I used to love the snow globes my mom would bring out during Christmas time. I was always intrigued by the little towns and scenes that were contained in a glass ball filled with water. The best part, of course, was when you shook it up! Everything would go all crazy inside and then, the small flakes would fall and float creating such a pretty snowscape. It’s a little piece of Christmas nostalgia I hold on to. Who am I kidding? During this time of year, when I walk through Target, I still shake up all the snow globes that are sitting on the shelves, waiting to be bought.

That’s what made me think about this post. My favorite part is the tumbling flakes but it takes a shaking to experience the purpose of the snow globe. It’s hard though, when our snow globe life is shaken up. But it’s that rattling that actually brings about the prettiest moments in our lives. Eventually, when that shaking stops, you can appreciate the peace, clarity and victory that it brings.

This is Christmas. “The season of perpetual hope,” as Kevin McCallister’s mom would say! But this most wonderful time of the year, and months prior, have been very stretching for Matt and me in a bunch of areas and categories.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have been stretched or shook during this time of year. Throughout life, we will be shaken, stirred up and spun around dizzy. Here’s what we can’t forget though: The moments when we are shaken produce our greatest moments of beauty.

Life is a shaking snow globe. There are wonderful times mixed in with a little bit of crazy. Recently, we’ve had a mixture of both. Thankfully, the lesson we learned is being able to notice the special moments amidst the intense ones. While you walk through the hard times, seek out the fun, love, and joy that will become the memories you hold on to (like dancing in the kitchen to Christmas music with your sister). These memories are what we now call “Snow Globe Moments.” The glimpses of beauty while everything is a bit topsy-turvy.

As we go through Christmas, let’s purpose to focus on our “Snow Globe Moments” no matter what. How can we do this? Through Christ of course; who we celebrate today. Who lived, grew up and experienced everything we experience. Who died and rose again for you, because you are worth it.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!!

-Matt & Gina


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