What the Funk?

Ever get in a weird funk? For me, this past week has just been funky. I can’t even put my finger on why or what. Ever walk up the stairs only to have your foot slip off the edge of your next step? This week has felt like that!!! Haha. It’s like I can’t catch the rhythm life is throwin’ down, you know? With my broad perspective, and in my heart of hearts, I know: I have nothing to complain about, I’m not perfect, things aren’t perfect, but I am super grateful and I am appreciative! This funk is only temporary. Give your best today.

But still! Even having those deep realizations doesn’t eliminate you from having flat and disconnected feelings. You can’t be guns blazing, 150%, all the time!


Well, since you’re playing that funky music, here are some ways to ride out the wave in the meantime. I personally put a few to use this week. All tested and approved. If you’re feeling the funk (and not the good kind of 70’s funk), try a few of these out. If you’re not in a funk, well, freakin’ good for you. Aren’t you just amazinggggg… KIDDING! Save this post for a later date or walk through a point with someone you know who needs a little boost. 🙂

1. Connect with a friend. The Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and I think they are right. Funky moments may just call for a little help from a trusted friend. In my funky weeks, I’ll hit up my friend because she instantly makes me laugh, which is always a good feeling. Connecting and catching up with a friend, or being honest with them about how you are feeling, lifts the weight.

2. Check what you are eating. What’s funny about this is, during my funk week, I was having an abundant amount of candy because of Halloween! Everywhere I went there were little wrapped bite sized candies everywhere…everywhere! What’s one, two, or three going to do!? Everything! Check in with what you are eating. It may just be feeding into your lag.

3. Spend some time alone. If you have a family, if you work, have a roommate, etc., you’re most likely surrounded by people and all different kinds of interactions each day. It’s understandable that sometimes it may be hard to get away, even for a brief moment. I have a friend who locked herself in the bathroom once just to get some peace and quiet from her kids! Even the most social of people sometimes need time alone. We can get in funks when we are running on fumes. If you can make it happen, do it! Watch HGTV, read, pin a few new recipes, work on that project you are excited about, or get your hair cut! Take time for yourself and participate in an activity you enjoy.

4. Take a hike! Well, not really. Where I live there aren’t many places to hike but you can go for a walk! When you’re in a funk, sometimes it feels good to do something out of routine. Do you know how many times I have blasted a really good song on the radio in the confines of my car? As I upped the volume, I upped my voice. And I might not be Adele, but you bet your butt I was for that one moment. Go for a walk, focus on your surroundings, head to the gym, throw a punch at a few bags, or put your favorite song on and dance around.  It may just give you the small boost you need, a light heart or a change of perspective.

5. Renew your mind. The way I renew my thinking is by reading The Bible. In my funky times, I’m even more intentional about finding a scripture to meditate on. It’s easy to read past a sentence and not really absorb it and think about it. I will literally read that one scripture out loud over and over until I understand it and it becomes a part of me.  In the times when you don’t feel victorious, you need to declare that you are.

6. Write. Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Lindsay Lohan in her glory days (although, hands down, I’m still a Parent Trap fan). Well there is this term, “word vomit,” from the movie. It’s pretty much the act of saying what you’re thinking with no self control. It’s a characteristic that can get you in a lot of trouble; which for her, it did. So, don’t do that!

But, what if you “word vomited” all over a piece of paper to help process your thoughts? I have a friend that journals everything that she is feeling, worried about or bothered by. Then, when she’s done, she’ll crumble up the paper and throw it out. It’s a small act that may help you to feel like you are physically releasing your troubles.

7. Do something for someone else. Focus on someone other than yourself! I like to write someone a handwritten card just letting them know how much I appreciate them. Make brownies for a friend or a struggling mom. Treat your coworkers to coffee. Find a way to make someone else’s day. Doing something for someone else helps take the focus off of you, and your funk, for a little while.

8. Take time to breathe. Why did I put this in here? Because, sometimes, I don’t think we even take time to stop and breathe! Our world is crazy. Sit down, shut off the noise, listen to the movement of your lungs, and breathe. This may just be a me thing but every time I do this, I’m amazed at how little control I have and how grateful I am to be alive. Just by taking the time to listen to my body. It’s pretty relaxing too.

9. Write what you are grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for in the middle of funks. If it takes you writing it down to realize that you are blessed, then do it!

10. Don’t give up. All these things are great but the most important thing you can do is develop a bounce-back mindset. You may be in a loopy place but making the conscious choice not to stay there is the best decision you can make for yourself. Don’t accept your current reality as permanent. You may feel this way now but rest in the hope that as you wait out the process, you will win this battle with the funk-meister.

What do you do to get out of a funk?


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