Leadership Shots. Take a Few For Yourself.

This week, I had the opportunity to help host a leadership conference at our church. I was able to listen to some of the best pastors and leaders of the North East. In the midst of running around, here are some quick leadership shots I wrote down.

Ben Franklin once said, ” Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” If you want to improve, achieve and succeed, snag three for yourself and apply them to your life! You can snag more. I just thought three was a good start 😉

  • As you grow, stay in close proximity to your source.
  • Ledges and edges can be lethal. Don’t teeter the line. Strive for integrity and protect it.
  • When hard times hit, the first thing to go is your spiritual life. Thankfully, it can be the first thing to come back! Don’t give up and run away from God.
  • To develop a healthy rhythm in life, be intentional about being present, not on the presentation (what you want people to perceive).
  • Seek God. The more you do, the more you reflect his heart.
  • If we don’t confess our sin, we’re in sin. By admitting our shortcomings to those we can trust, allows opportunities for growth and opens us to deal with the offenses we may have caused.
  • Sin will always leak, some how, some way.
  • If we believe in something, we will build it. The result of stepping out is always increased faith.
  • If we don’t pursue the future, we will perish in the past. If we settle in one place, we are on our way to failure.
  • Don’t let people get in front of the vision.
  • If Jesus isn’t your message, then you’re not really saying anything.
  • What will motivate you one day, will not motivate you the next. Continually find ways to develop yourself.
  • Navigating the tension of respect and honor: be sober minded. This allows you not to cross a boundary. If I dishonor the one who is put in authority, I am really dishonoring God.
  • Preparing yourself for future hurdles: surround yourself with people who are dealing with problems you have yet to solve.
  • A true success is builing someone else’s dreams. When you release other peoples dreams, God will release yours.
  • In your life, decipher what is a preference or conviction. Figure out if what you are doing is a preference or a conviction.
  • Conviction becomes stronger under pressure because it is at the fiber of who you are.
  • No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it (Einstein quote).
  • How do we help people? By listening to the questions they are asking and bringing them to the solution.
  • Do not be married to methodology. All ministry is contextual and when you marry to methodology, you can become irrelevant.
  • All change comes by way of truth. Truth brings conviction for change. The usher of truth is the Holy Spirit.
  • Inhale the Father’s presence so you can exhale His will.
  • Conflict can be seen as a negative but allow conflict to empower you to grow closer to God.
  • When it comes to caring for volunteers and your team: you’ll lose the hand when you don’t fuel the heart. Always appreciate and care.
  • Questions bring clarity. Don’t be scared of people asking questions.
  • Few things to ask yourself when you are developing a new idea: 1. Is this sustainable? Is this reproducible? Is it healthy?
  • Don’t belittle the hope and dream that God has put within you.
  • Don’t allow fear to keep you from seeing the pathway He has already created for you.
  • Don’t reject a blessing you prayed for, when it comes in a different shape or different color. We push away things that are unfamiliar to us. Don’t miss the blessing because it is “unfamiliar!”
  • Success never comes out of a comfort zone.
  • Your response to conflict and difficult situations will determine your destiny.
  • God puts difficult people around us so we can deal with the difficult person inside of us.
  • If you can control what comes out of your mouth, you can control your destiny and what you speak over your life.

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