Give The Jeggings a Shot: Trying New Things

How many of you listen to your voicemail and say, “dang, I sound good!?” I think most people who listen to themselves on a recording don’t usually like the way they sound. For me, I totally cringe at it! Haha. It’s like, please, stop the pain already! “Gina, do you have a cold? Because you sound stuffed up.”

This week I thought about expanding on a recent Everything.Church podcast I had the privilege of being a part of. The topic was “tips for women leading men in ministry.” Still a great topic I want to write about, but I’ll save that for a later date.

Let’s talk about trying new things. 

Trying a different dish at Cheesecake Factory (too many options, amiiirighttt)… exciting! Giving jeggings a shot for the first time… not too exciting!

Reading a book from a genre you wouldn’t normally choose… not life threatening. Sky diving… life threatening! I don’t want to die!

Some of the new things that we try are easy to embrace and go for, while others are out of our comfort zone, maybe even completely scary. I say, while you have this life, do both (with discretion in mind, please)!

I have never done a podcast before. I’ve spoken publicly in front of adults and in front of kids. I’ve spoken to big crowds and have one-on-one conversations every day. Obviously, I write (hello). I even improv videos at work every so often! I’m not a pro but I’m more comfortable with it than when I was in high school! But podcasts… whole different ball game! I would never have known that though if I didn’t give it a try!

When I was first approached by Stacia, I was like, “yes, cool! I am woman, hear me roar! I am ready to dive into something new!” Then when the date approached to record, I mentally started to mess with myself. I was so nervous!!! What if I don’t know what to say? I don’t know everything. I’m just a girl from NY who arm-knitted a bunch of scarves for friends last Christmas! TOTAL NERD. Who am I?

Don’t talk yourself out of great chances and new things because of insecurities. Just trust you’re exactly where you need to be and step into the unknown! When opportunities knock, there can be an internal struggle that happens. “Yes, I want to give it a shot, BUT what if I…”

fail? lose? look stupid? don’t have the right answers? am not qualified? am not good enough? am not ready? 

Gosh, we’re such a bunch of negative buttheads! Ok, what if those things happen?! Let’s answer those “what ifs” with a positive mindset. I failed, but at least I gave it a shot. I lost, but I gave it my all. I didn’t have the right answers, but I learned from it and know what to do in the future. I was not qualified or ready, but I sure as heck grew from it. Change your perspective or hire a spin team to pump you up the next time an opportunity comes your way!

What’s the BEST that could happen? You…

succeed. win. realize you do know what you’re talking about. have the right answers to problems and help others along the way. are more qualified and equipped than you thought. gain confidence. learn something new about yourself. 

Thinking of writing that book? Itching to sell your stuff, pick up and move? Battling the thought of switching your occupation? Pitching an important idea? Deciding on a college? Or what to eat for dinner….? 🙂

When you try something new…

  1. In the words of Biggie, if you don’t know, now you know. In everything, there is a lesson to be learned. I’m a total believer in that. You don’t just learn from good experiences either, you can learn from the bad too. Often times, even more so.  Gaining these experiences will make decisions more clear to you in the future or open up a world of wonder and possibility, because you discovered an uncharted part of you.
  2. If you take a chance or go for that opportunity, you won’t look back and say, “what if.” We can regret things that we failed to do because we allowed excuses to cloud our judgement and tame our calling. When I was in college, I felt prompted to switch my major to ministry… everyone on the outside thought I was crazy. I sort of thought I was too (HA!) but in the end, I took the shot, and dove in. It was a big deal at the time. I was spending all this money to get a job in………… ? Exactly. But God knew and it all worked out. I don’t regret it one bit.
  3. When you try something new, you lay the foundation for the next great thing. Say you’re at Destination A. You will never know what destination C is if you don’t jump for destination B. You feel me? Trying something new opens up the next door, next opportunity, next victory, and next piece of gained wisdom.
  4. When you go after something new, you inspire others around you. You give them the hope and confidence to move forward into unknown terrain. If anything, I hope my life inspires those around me, and younger than me, to live out their calling unashamed, with bravery and grit! After all, life isn’t just about what we can do for ourselves, it’s about developing and building other people.


Think about the people you admire the most. Aren’t they so interesting? We admire those who took chances, faced fears, overcame great opposition and defeat… and succeeded.  Psh, I admire Thomas Edison because he failed 1,000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. I need dedication like that! Why do you think people love movies like Braveheart and Wonder Woman? They kick butt in the midst of adversity for a greater cause! Now go try something new and kick butt!

trying new things

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