6 Events to Keep Summer Interesting

Summer can be a tough season for churches, especially when it comes to attendance and offering. The weather gets nicer, schedules become packed and Aunt Millie throws a BBQ every Sunday afternoon.

“Man, if Aunt Millie throws a BBQ in the afternoon, then I have to make the potato salad, and if I make the potato salad, I obviously can’t make it to the 11:30am service. Maybe I can give the 10am a shot? No, I can’t make it to the 10:00am service because I have to go food shopping for the potatoes and if I go any later than 10am I’m going to get stuck on a major line behind the woman with the bag of potato chips who doesn’t know how to work the self check out line!!!”

Wow, that spiraled into a lot! I’m obviously joking… sort of.  If you fall into Aunt Millie’s trap every Sunday, let me just say this kindly. Don’t forget to prioritize church. Your attendance and presence matters! Don’t forfeit a blessed life by not putting into practice basic spiritual principles.

Now if you work at a church, don’t bore people! Jesus and living a life for Him are everything BUT boring. We can’t force people to live out Hebrews 10:25, “…let us not neglect our meeting together…” but we can be creative with how we engage the people God has given us, which allows us to be creative in how we share the gospel.

Click the image below to see 6 events to keep summer interesting at your church… Thanks Everything.Church for the opportunity to write again! Here’s to a great summer!

Summer Slump? 6 Events to Keep Summer Interesting GinaBells.Com Everything.church

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