Let’s Have Lunch.

Let’s set the scene. You and I, we’re out to eat, grabbing some lunch. We’re sitting outside because it’s obviously beautiful out. Our waiter’s name is Jake and he doesn’t forget to bring us lemons with our water (bonus points). There is a light wind coming from the East. We order tacos. Again, obvious choice and a side of guacamole. We shoot the breeze (Pinterest recipes, Lush face masks, your cute sweater from Forever21). Then serious stuff like your life and my life. Things are legit peachy (I like you).

Then we chat about our futures when all of sudden you tell me, “one day Gina, you young spring bird, you. One day you will be in full time ministry.” At this moment, I somewhat gag on my pico de gallo. Jake gets me another glass of water.

You continue to carry on explaining that you are serious and that you’re pretty sure I’m going to even marry a pastor. This is when I give you a blank stare. As we sit in silence, I slowly move my hand and knock your glass of water on the floor (I don’t blink either). I then, take your steak taco from your plate and eat it in front of you out of spite… or let’s be real, maybe out of shock.

This would have been my response years ago! I never would have calculated, fabricated, ever thought, that I would be where I am now.

Me? Yes, I grew up knowing about God but I didn’t know the first thing about following him. I didn’t even think I wanted to.

Me? I didn’t even want to walk into church and listen to all that “God” talk. I’d rather sleep in. The closest people around me were hypocrites anyway.

And a pastor?! Every girl dreams of who they will marry and my list didn’t include an uptight, boring, prude dude who talked about holy things all the time and was out of touch with reality. Gosh, I want to live life on the edge!

Flash forward to now, the truth is, I am living life on the edge and wide awake. I’m thankful I did my own soul searching and had a true encounter with God. He changed my life, my attitude, my priorities, my destination. My presuppositions about the Christian life were all out of whack! I am in full-time ministry and I am married to a pastor but it’s not what I thought it would be. Where the Lord has brought me to is awesome and I am confident in my calling!

I believe God has the same for you. God either has you in your sweet spot right now or he has your sweet spot set up for you. So let’s take this back a notch. Listen, I’m sorry for eating your taco. Can we start over?

“Gina, you are going to be in ministry and marry a pastor.” This is when I take a deep breath and say, “well, so be it.” We carry on and I trust, as I follow God, that he will guide me to what I am supposed to do on this earth!

Flower Quote. Leave room for God to do the unexpected in your life. Your past, experiences, DNA, natural talent and upbringing all make you unique and prime to do His good work. GinaBells.com
My encouragement for you today, God has called you to serve him and be a light to others. To be a help and a hope. You’re not meant to take up space. You’re meant to live a vibrant, purpose-filled life. That looks differently for you than for me but that is the beauty of it all.

Leave room for God to do the unexpected in your life! Your past, experiences, DNA, natural talent and upbringing all make you unique and prime to do His good work.

Don’t freak, don’t wrack your brain trying to figure it out. Just rest and trust. So whether you are in full-time ministry, part-time, volunteering, interning or how about a breathing Christian; just trust. Trust the calling that God has placed upon your shoulders and RUN WITH IT!

Ok, take the last scoop of gauc… Now, run!

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